Vintage Restoration

Historic charm has so much to offer and it’s very difficult- and often expensive- to replicate today. We both live in Pre-War condominium buildings, so we are proponents of embracing vintage characteristics, and love the juxtaposition of using modern furnishings.

A favorite element in historic properties is baseboard moldings and ceiling cove moldings. Moldings can help make a space feel more defined, important, and even regal. They offer natural artistic elements to a space that can replace actual artwork or act as a frame for art. Moldings range from the very ornate to simple floor or ceiling borders. Our client, who just purchased a Lincoln Park vintage greystone that was stripped of its original features, are doing a painstaking remodeling to restore the home with classic detailing and finishes.

Another common attribute of older homes is intricate woodwork. It’s common for vintage properties to have wood inlay decorative floors, gorgeously crafted staircases, and paneled wood libraries. The owners of our listing at 2733 N. Pine Grove home did it all! Their mission was to restore all the original elements of their home and where they couldn’t, they made sure to honor the design trends of the time.

Some may call salvaging and restoring vintage homes as ‘the road less traveled’ because it can be more expensive and time consuming than just gutting a space. However, investing in your home will not only offer personal fulfillment, but yield a tremendous resale value as well. Buyers appreciate vintage charm and spaces that don’t feel cookie-cutter. It is worth the investment to be different!

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