Treasure Hunting

Over Labor Day weekend, the Gillman Group headed to Harbert, Michigan for a little rest and relaxation with dear friends.  Our friends also happen to be the most talented Chicago interior designers and enjoy antique shopping, gallery hopping, and art fairs as much as we do.  What we lovingly call “treasure hunting,” is a great way to find unique pieces to add character to your home- without necessarily spending the high prices to do so.

During our trip we went to an art fair boasting beautiful antiquities and art from curators and artists throughout the US.  We fell deeply in love with Mbuti Pygmy barkcloths brought from the Ituri Forest in the Congo.  The bark of ficus trees are turned into a cloth-like fabric and then drawings are painted with plant dye as abstract expressions of the moods and features of the forest. The dimensions of each cloth vary but are substantial and powerful in their primitive beauty.  We purchased ours unframed for $250 but truly looks like we spent thousands of dollars.  As we walked around the fair, we also saw intricate woven baskets, paintings from Midwest artists, and Japanese ceramicists that made our artistic hearts go pitter-patter.

Driving around the different towns, there is a little bit for everyone.  We also landed at an antique store with inventory ranging from small figurines to large tables (I’m still longing for the 9 foot long vintage workbench that was sadly too wide for our home).  Again, the prices were extremely fair, offering interesting display pots for $6 or vintage Indian bread baskets for $20.   These small objects are perfect for mantles, étagères, end tables, and can be that extra touch to make a space feel different and special.

While treasure hunting can take time, it’s a really wonderful way to express your creative side while finding one-of-a-kind pieces for your home.  We believe there is treasure for everyone if you’re willing to take the time to hunt!  Searching for your next home can be like treasure hunting and we would love to take that journey with you.

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