Curb Appeal Matters

We’ve already discussed that first impressions are everything, but first impressions don’t start upon entering a home.  88% of home-buyers initiate their search online and of those 63% will drive past a property they like.  What do they see?

The home’s exterior includes the front door, hand railings and stairs, condition of the façade, landscaping, garage, and the parkways and sidewalks.  Consequently, maintaining the exterior impacts the potential number of viewers a listed home receives.

Look at your home objectively and decide what you would like to see as a potential buyer.  A clean and neat appearance can subliminally convey to buyers that the home is well-maintained. We know it’s a challenge with children to put bicycles or toys away, but doing these small tasks and picking up debris, make for a more pleasing entry.  Additionally, you may find issues you have previously not paid attention to-  cracking paint, dirty windows, or brick that needs to be tuck-pointed.  Make note of all your home’s imperfections and let us help you decide which are worth the investment to repair.

Certain investments are more critical than others.  Specifically, your landscaping/greenery sets the stage, so is worth the added expense to properly maintain and add pots of flowers.  Another important area to maintain is your roof.  Roofs usually need some sort of repair after 10 years so assume this will be a point of contention in the inspection process if you haven’t had it maintained.

Small details can invoke that feeling of charm and coziness and ultimately can make a difference for buyers.  Recently, we had our client’s front door painted “ladybug red” and not only is it an easy landmark, but it’s the only home on the block with a bright, happy door.  Now it looks like a warm and inviting home.  Other quick fixes include adding outdoor lighting or address numbers in a shiny metal.  One last tip: don’t forget to make window treatments uniform.  That is, keep all the drapes open or the blinds drawn so you maintain the aesthetic continuity of the exterior.

We want to sell your home quickly so let’s get buyers eager to enter your home!


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