Feng Shui Your Home For The New Year

The New Year brings new opportunities to revitalize your home.  We know you strive for your home to be a reflection of you but we all could use a bit more calm in the New Year. Thus, we put together a brief guide to feng shui (pronounced fung shway) your home into 2017 with harmony and style. Make your bed every morning                                                                                                                 This daily ritual will allow you to start the day with successful and bountiful energy. Clear the clutter to open the space                        …

Treasure Hunting

Over Labor Day weekend, the Gillman Group headed to Harbert, Michigan for a little rest and relaxation with dear friends.  Our friends also happen to be the most talented Chicago interior designers and enjoy antique shopping, gallery hopping, and art fairs as much as we do.  What we lovingly call “treasure hunting,” is a great way to find unique pieces to add character to your home- without necessarily spending the high prices to do so. During our trip we went to an art fair boasting beautiful antiquities and art from curators and artists throughout the US.  We fell deeply in love with Mbuti Pygmy barkcloths brought from the Ituri Forest in the Congo.  The bark of ficus trees are turned into a cloth-like fabric and then drawings are painted with plant dye as abstract expressions of the moods and features of the forest. The dimensions of each cloth vary but…

Curb Appeal Matters

We’ve already discussed that first impressions are everything, but first impressions don’t start upon entering a home.  88% of home-buyers initiate their search online and of those 63% will drive past a property they like.  What do they see? The home’s exterior includes the front door, hand railings and stairs, condition of the façade, landscaping, garage, and the parkways and sidewalks.  Consequently, maintaining the exterior impacts the potential number of viewers a listed home receives. Look at your home objectively and decide what you would like to see as a potential buyer.  A clean and neat appearance can subliminally convey to buyers that the home is well-maintained. We know it’s a challenge with children to put bicycles or toys away, but doing these small tasks and picking up debris, make for a more pleasing entry.  Additionally, you may find issues you have previously not paid attention to-  cracking paint, dirty…

Staging Your Home For A Quick Sale!

Buyers need to imagine living in your space so it’s vital to take the following steps:

1. Remove All Clutter
A clean home suggests it’s been well maintained. In other words, clothes a strewn and an abundance of knick-knacks only detract from the space itself. Too many photographs can also distract potential buyers or worse, prevent from envisioning themselves in the property. Pictures may humanize homeowners but then the home “belongs” to someone else. The solution: start removing!